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Publishing a guest post on your site

Publishing a guest post on your sitefoi criado por Pedro Ferreira

29 Set. 2023 07:50 #23709
(Vitaliy) - Hello! I'm interested in guest posts on your site Is this possible and under what conditions? Have a good day and clear skies over your head!

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Respondido por Pedro Ferreira no tópico Publishing a guest post on your site

29 Set. 2023 08:55 #23710
Hi, thank you for your contact. accepts sponsored articles and links according to conditions below. The article will be published according to the following conditions:    The article may contain dofollow links including we allow sports, gambling and betting related links.
    The article must be written by the client/intermediary, in Portuguese.
    The article must have links that match article content theme.
    The publication of the articles is done in their own page without reference to advertising or sponsorship.
    We reserve the right to proofread texts before publishing.
    We reserve the right to decide on the publication (partial or complete) of the article.
    Images are the responsibility of the client/intermediary and must contain reference or indication of source.
    In case of copyrighted images, is not responsible for their use.
    Except for unusual situations, the articles are published within 1 working day.
    Normally, the publication of the article starts after payment confirmation.
    Payment can be made via Payoneer, PayPal, bank transfer or Crypto (Bitcoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, Solana or XRP).
    An invoice/receipt will be issued upon presentation of invoicing data. does not accept the following types of ads:
    Pornographic material;
    Offers of illegal products, services or activities;
    Disclosure of false documents or copied material;
    Dissemination of drugs or other illegal substances;
    Dissemination of excessive violence;
    Disclosure of discrimination or the rights of others;
    Disclosure or attempt to exploit tragedies without social, artistic or political value;
    Sales or offers of weapons, alcoholic beverages or tobacco

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